South west ministry training course

NEWS - It is important to ring the office (01392 272544) before visiting the SWMTC library to check that you can get access. The SWMTC library is usually accessible during office hours or from 6pm on evenings when there is an evening class, but not always..

NEWS - It gives us great pleasure to announce the safe arrival of Jacob Samuel McLachlan, Laura's baby, on 17th October.

NEWS - Our office and library are now at: Suite 1.3, Renslade House, Bonhay Road, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AY. Our main phone number is 01392 272544. Exeter evening classes are held at Renslade House.

NEWS - We're delighted to congratulate those from the Course ordained Deacon in Exeter Cathedral on 14th September: Paul Barton, Marisa Cockfield, Anne Dunlop, Paul Evans, Lynn Flatt Lesley Holman, Glyn Lewry, Leisa McGovern, Shirley Paterson, Jill Purser, Marion Sanders and Sheila Walker.

We congratulate also those Readers newly licensed from the Course: Nell Stamp, Mark Smith, Jo Pay, Laura Ford, Ken Ball, Carol Bache, Tony Nixon, Hilary Harron, Roger Grose, Tony Gregg, John Dunster, Graham Dee, Anne de Looy, Tim Bradshaw.

NEWS - We congratulate two of our Trustees on new appointments as Cathedral Canons: the Revd Dr John Searle as Residentiary Canon at Exeter and the Revd Alan Bashforth as Canon Chancellor of Truro. We are also delighted to note that Prebendary David James, one of our Reader Training Team, is now Acting Precentor of Exeter.

SWMTC: Contact: Administrator Laura McLachlan on 01392 272544
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